Our company which exhibits its products produced in international quality standards in its showroom on Hisaronu 901 No.21 street, is advancing rapidly to become the giant entrepreneur of the sector.

In pursuit of the excitement of childhood dreams …

Following the R & D activities carried out between 1998 and 2001, APNEA Ltd. Şti. Sti. was established.

by free diving in a specialized team with the road going APNEA its product İNTURKEY with free-diving enthusiasts more enjoyable and safer diving to make the advantage of his work as well as the about.This the development of freediving sport in our country has greatly contributed.

APNEA Ltd. Sti. organizations doing work on the harpoon models in the first year following the 5 separate harpoon model and all other freediving equipment in 10 years to come to the leader in its sector in Turkey and in the world market wanted and has become a recognizable brand.

APNEA has been able to enter the markets of 18 different countries in Europe and the world, especially France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

APNEA, which started to produce different products with its own brands to many well-known companies in the world in free diving sport, aims to be the leader in the world with its own brand in the next 5 years.

In the course of this development, APNEA has produced a variety of products abroad under its own brand as well as its own products.

APNEA will carry out the R & D and design works of all its products within its own body and will produce new unique models and products every year and present them to the appreciation of our valued customers in domestic and international markets. APNEA is always one step ahead …

Life in Apnea

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Value-Driven Manufacturing and Teamwork

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